5 Signs of Wind and Hail Damage on Your Exterior

Even though you have regular maintenance in place to prepare your home against severe storms, it doesn’t mean that it’s already impervious to the elements. While it does help mitigate the damage to the exterior, you shouldn’t wait for it to compromise your home’s structural integrity. 

To determine if your home’s exterior has suffered wind or hail damage, New Image Elite, your siding and roof replacement expert, shares five signs you should look for:

1. Peeling Paint

Hail and wind-driven debris can cause chipping, cracking and discoloration on the exterior paint. If you spot black marks on your paint after a storm, get in touch with a professional right away to fix it before other problems occur. 

2. Dents 

Hailstorms can leave dents on your roofing shingles and knock their granules loose. This, in turn, impairs their effectiveness because these granules help protect the roof against sun exposure and heavy rainfall. Aluminum siding can easily dent too when hit by hail.

3. Torn-Off Shingles and Siding

Strong winds brought by fierce storms can rip the siding and shingles off on your roof, leaving your home exposed to the elements. Water can easily find its way into your living space, causing other problems like rotting, mold growth and more. This is a major issue that requires immediate storm damage roof repair.

4. Curling Shingles

While curling shingles are typically caused by wear and tear, there are times when sharp gusts of wind can also cause this problem. This could mean possible leaks in your roof, which you should address right away.

5. Breaking and Holes

Large hailstones and flying debris can also leave holes on your roof and siding. Once this happens, it’s best to tarp those off until you can get your contractor to come over and make the necessary repairs.

When you notice any of these issues on your home’s exterior, contact New Image Elite right away. Whether you need an emergency siding or roof repair, we will take the necessary steps to restore your home to its original condition. Call us at (301) 760-2000 for more information about our products and services.