Common Causes of Roof Underlayment Failure

The underlayment is a thin piece of material laid on the roof for protection against moisture. This component is not directly exposed to the weather and hence acts as a secondary line of defense only.

Its job description is to prevent the sheathing from getting wet, especially due to wind-driven rain. In addition, the underlayment also facilitates shingle installation and helps expel heat and moisture coming from the attic.

Most roofing and window replacement specialists, including New Image Elite, would agree that underlayment failure is worrisome. Any damage to it may result in major roof leaks, house structural concerns and growth of mold colonies.

To make your roof’s underlayment as long as possible, it is imperative to understand what compromises its integrity. Below are the usual suspects:

Low Material Quality

Material quality is a reliable barometer for siding replacement frequency, and the same can be said about roofing projects. If you buy low-quality underlayment, you are likely to get what you pay for.

Fortunately, manufacturers sell plenty of underlayment options to suit different needs and to offer components compatible with the other products they have. For instance, GAF has a broad selection of synthetic and fiberglass-reinforced underlayment solutions for residential projects.

Subpar Installation

Poor workmanship is another common reason why underlayment does not reach its expected life span. This component is made of fine materials, which may be compromised when handled improperly. DIYing the installation or hiring an inexperienced contractor typically triggers roof and gutter repair projects.

Delayed Reshingling

The underlayment is a sitting duck for the harsh elements when the shingles covering it are missing. Even high-quality underlayment products can fold when left unprotected from the weather for too long.

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