Emergency Roof Repair

Emergency Roof Repairs
When disaster strikes and your roof suffers damage as a result of wind, rain, hail or falling debris, you shouldn’t wait to make repairs. Call New Image Elite immediately for emergency roof repair. As long as it’s safe for our team to get on your roof, we’ll respond quickly and stop the leak from causing further damage to your property.

If the damage is the result of an insurance claim, we’ll work with your adjuster to provide a permanent fix to your roof leak.

Don’t Wait – Call New Image Elite

You don’t have to wait for your adjuster to come before calling us. Our emergency roof repair experts will arrive promptly to make short-term repairs to protect your property and prevent further damage. We will then assess whether more permanent repairs are necessary. If the damage will be covered by your homeowner’s insurance, we’ll document what we saw upon arrival and what work we performed, as well as any other information necessary for your insurance company to process the claim.

What Constitutes an “Emergency”?

Anytime your home or business is threatened by water, you have an emergency. You may be tempted to delay repairs because the rain has stopped, but you shouldn’t. Be sure to treat any water intrusion as an urgent situation and call for an inspection and repair. Even a small leak left unaddressed can result in widespread damage to your home over weeks and months. Calling New Image Elite for roof repair as soon as you notice it is the best way to minimize damage and avoid even more expensive repairs in the future!

Call for Roof Repair Anytime

When disaster strikes, don’t let small problems turn into big headaches. Call New Image Elite at (301) 934-5454. We’re the emergency roof repair company best qualified to restore your property.

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