The Importance of Pre-Winter Roof Inspections

Winter can be a difficult time for your home, especially for the roof which serves as its first line of defense against the elements. Even the most weather resilient roofing materials have it hard against hail, compact snow and the exceedingly cold temperatures.

Fortunately, you can stay ahead of these problems with an in-depth pre-winter roof inspection. New Image Elite, your roofing and siding replacement experts, explains in this post.

You Prevent Leaks

Although snow that ends up accumulating on the roof may seem harmless, it can lead to long-term water damage if left unaddressed. The roof is naturally warm since this is where your home’s heat escapes. As a result, the snow on its surface will eventually melt, which eventually turns into a leak once it enters the cracks on the roof.

Winter water leaks can even go beyond the roof. Excess water that ends up on the gutters eventually refreezes, which can become an especially tricky blockage that damages the structure and may necessitate gutter repair in the future.

By performing a pre-winter roof inspection, you can address cracks and existing leaks on the roof before they become a problem once the snow starts accumulating.

You Avoid Wind Damage

Wind during the winter is bolstered by sleet and hail, and these airborne particles can end up stripping the protective coating on certain roofs such as asphalt and modified bitumen. A pre-winter inspection gives you insight into the current state of the roof and allows you to replace any damaged portions before they become a problem.

At New Image Elite, we’ll make sure your roof is ready for winter with an in-depth inspection and preventive maintenance. Not only does preventive maintenance address existing roofing problems, but you also help keep your home as weathertight and energy-efficient as possible with a healthy roof.

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