The Key Components of a Commercial Roof Maintenance Plan

Keeping the roof in good repair is essential to ensure the business is well-protected. As such, you must establish a regular maintenance routine for your commercial roof. Apart from extending its service life and reducing the likelihood of leaks, the purpose of this endeavor is to address any issues that may arise in the future.

In today’s post, the local roof replacement pros of New Image Elite discusses the key components of a commercial roof maintenance plan.

Scheduled Routine Inspections

An initial inspection won’t be enough to keep the roof in good condition. Scheduling routine roof inspections, especially in both spring and fall, allows you to catch any problems before they become worse and assess the overall performance of the roofing system.

Roof Repairs

Roof repair is a vital part of the preventive care approach in regular roof maintenance. Fixing the insulation in the attic, improving any inconsistencies in the field membrane and correcting problems on flashings and other components must be done consistently. These procedures don’t take much time, but they prevent minor issues from developing into major ones.

Routine Upkeep

Making sure your roof looks neat also plays a key role in ensuring the health of the entire system. Cleaning gutters and drains, removing debris and trimming branches from nearby trees are some of the important tasks involved in routine upkeep.


Repairs, inspections, and maintenance should be part of the annual budget. This way, your business can address issues that may arise throughout the year. With enough funds set aside, you won’t have a hard time dealing with a sudden leak. This problem could easily get worse if left ignored due to lack of finances.

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