Expert Insurance Claim Assistance & Storm Damage Repair

We’ve seen some extreme weather in the past few years, from hailstorms to Nor’easters with damaging winds and even remnants of hurricanes and tropical storms. Your roof’s job is to protect your home, family or business. If your structure suffers storm damage, let New Image Elite be the company you trust for storm damage repair.

Storm Damage Repair

We Accept All Insurance Claims

New Image Elite also has experience working with insurance companies and adjusters. We work with all insurance companies on storm damage repair and roof replacement. If we don’t agree with your adjustor’s assessment of damage, we’ll meet with you and the adjuster to explain what we see and help make sure you receive the full compensation to which you are entitled.

We’ll always provide you with the proper documentation of the repair or roof replacement required by your insurance company. Our goal is to take some of the stress out of an often-stressful situation.

Signs of Storm Damage

Of course, sometimes it’s obvious that your home or business has suffered storm damage. Things like large areas of missing shingles are a sure sign you need to call your insurance company and get started on a claim. After you call them, call New Image Elite for a storm damage repair estimate.

Here are some not-so-obvious signs of damage:

  • Shingles that aren’t lying flat
  • Misaligned shingles
  • Unexplained roof leaks
  • Neighbors with storm damage

Remember, you only have a limited time to file a storm damage insurance claim, so if you even think your roof has damage, call New Image Elite for your comprehensive inspection. You may not see a roof leak the day after the storm but, over time, the water will find its way in. Our experts will take the time to check the entire roof structure and gutter system for wind and hail damage, so you will not have unwelcome surprises in the future.

Fast, Professional Storm Damage Response

Trust the repair and restoration of your roof to the professionals at New Image Elite. Call (301) 934-5454 for a fast and professional response to storm damage.

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