Spring Roof Maintenance: Inspection Checklist

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Spring maintenance is a necessary step to prepare your roof for summer. You may not notice any problem yourself, but a qualified inspector can spot and will unravel the obscure in order to carry out repairs urgently.

Spring Roof Maintenance: Inspection Checklist

As the local authority on roof replacement and repair, New Image Elite gives you a preview of an inspection checklist.

Worn-Out Shingles

Identifying damaged shingles is top priority, for they represent a roofing system’s first line of defense against the elements.

Cracks in wood shingles and bad spots in asphalt ones are red flags that merit serious attention. Missing pieces must be addressed immediately to reinforce the protection of the sheathing, which is the actual roof.

Rusty Components

Any iron-containing metal part of a roof is going to rust sooner or later. Early evidence of this flaky orange substance must be dealt with ASAP or else it will spread before you know it.

Loose Metal Panel Seams

New Image Elite attests that metal roofs are only as good as the tightness of their panels. It is imperative to schedule a roof repair to fix loose seams to stop water infiltration if it has not started already.

Compromised Pieces of Flashing

Flashing is the waterproofing component used to cover a roof’s most vulnerable areas, like valleys. It is usually sealed with caulk, which may deteriorate quicker than the metal piece itself.

Blocked Vents

Proper ventilation is key to roof longevity. The continuous flow of air in the attic or within the roof itself matters to keep surfaces materials from overheating. When intake and exhaust vents are obstructed one way or another, the airflow becomes insufficient, which may result in a host of problems.

Leaky Gutters

Gutters and downspouts are usually subject to storm damage roof repair because they exposed to the weather. A clogged or sagging gutter system causes improper water drainage, which triggers moisture-related problems inside and outside the house.

Turn to New Image Elite to uncover all signs of damage your roof may be hiding and to get them all fixed before summer rolls around. Call (301) 215-3563 now to arrange your free consultation with us at your most convenient date and time.

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