Will Your Homeowners Insurance Cover Your Broken Windows?

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Accidents happen and in homes with playful children, sometimes these accidents lead to broken windows. While homeowners insurance policies might cover for storm damage roof repair and even siding replacement, windows are an entirely different matter altogether. Most homeowners are actually unsure whether or not their policies would pay to replace their broken windows and, if your home improvement funds are running low, it may be helpful to go through your insurance for these types of issues.

Insurance Cover Your Broken Windows

So the question is, will your insurance cover window replacements? The answer, unsurprisingly, depends on your policy, which could vary from one provider to another. But, here are some general tips from our experts at New Image Elite on how many insurance policies cover replacement windows.

What Broke the Windows?

Just like with roof repair coverage, your policy will have qualifying conditions under which they will replace your windows. The important thing to note here is that policies can either be “named peril” or “open peril.” Named peril policies will list down all possible causes of window breakage and if your situation fits in any of these categories, your insurance will likely cover it. Open peril policies are a little more forgiving in that they will cover window replacements for whatever reason, barring extraordinary circumstances.

Aging Windows

Unfortunately, you’ll rarely find an insurance provider that covers breakage due to normal wear and tear. This is true for windows as much as it is for any other part of your home. An example of this is broken window seals. Insurance companies can cite this as wear and tear and lack of maintenance and may deny your claim.

Dealing With Deductibles

For most window, siding, or roof replacement jobs that go through your insurance, you will still be on the hook for your deductible. It’s best to weigh whether paying the deductible and shouldering a potential increase in your premiums will cost less than simply replacing the window through your own funds.

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