What Causes the Fascia to Rot?

Rotted Fascia

The fascia is the trim part of the roof that you’ll notice at its edges, essentially acting as a layer of protection against the elements. Depending on the architectural style of the house, this band can either be made of your standard wooden boards, PVC, or sheet metal that’s non-corrosive.damaged roof line

Despite its importance to your home’s overall weather protection system, it gets less attention due to where it’s located – that is until you need to do roof repair because the boards start rotting!

In this post, New Image Elite explains why the fascia boards rot and what you can do about it.

Leaky Gutters

The most common reason why fascia boards rot is due to an ineffective gutter. A gutter system that’s old and leaky or has an improperly aligned downspout will cause the excess moisture to back up into the fascia, which will result in rot over time. In some cases, the water might spill and drip towards the boards, resulting in the same effect.

Storm Damage

Due to its location, the fascia boards are considerably weaker than the other parts of the roof. As a result, it’s exceptionally susceptible to wind-driven rain during a storm. If your roof was recently damaged by a storm, don’t hesitate to call your local roofer and schedule storm damage roof repair to mitigate and immediately address any damage the fascia has experienced.

A rotting fascia puts your home at risk to the elements and can even affect your energy usage in the long run. When it’s time to repair or replace the roof, it’s important that you have a professional install a new drip edge and properly install a new gutter system.

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