Ways to Keep Birds from Nesting on Your Gutter System

A bird on a gutter.

Keeping up with gutter maintenance is important, and that means dealing with not just leaves, dirt and other debris, but also birds and their nests. Sure, these creatures are a treat to have around, but they can be an annoyance once you find a nest or two in your gutter system. New Image Elite, your local gutter and siding replacement pros, discusses more.

Dealing With Bird Nests on Your Roof and Gutters

Birds nest actively from spring through early fall. If you find them nesting in your gutters or your roof, it’s best not to disturb them. In North America, more than 800 bird species are protected by law, which means killing or trapping them and disturbing their nests during their nesting period are prohibited.

That said, you should act quickly if you spot a bird that is about to build a nest in your roof or gutter. Remove any debris before it can finish building its home. However, if you find nesting birds, eggs, or newborn chicks, call a trusted pest control company or your local wildlife removal service to handle the problem legally and humanely.

Fixes to Keep Birds from Nesting in Your Gutters

Aside from periodic gutter cleaning, there are other ways to deter birds and other animals from making a home in your gutters and other unwanted places in your home. Gutter repair pros like us recommend installing a gutter protection system. Not only will it keep nesting birds out, but it’ll also protect your gutters and your roof from various problems caused by clogs.

You can also choose to install a decoy on your roof to prevent smaller birds from nesting. Make sure your homeowner’s association allows it. Fortunately, there are other alternatives like bird repellent and the use of high-frequency sounds.

New Image Elite is the leading contractor in the area that you can turn to if you need to replace your old, inefficient gutters or install a gutter protection system. Through our top-notch products and quality workmanship, we can make sure your home is protected from the elements. Our company can also be relied upon for your other exterior home improvement needs, including window replacement and siding installation.

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