Differentiating Fiberglass and Organic Asphalt Shingles

Fiberglass and organic shingles are the two types of asphalt shingles available on the market today. Both products have their advantages and disadvantages and in this blog, roof replacement pros New Image Elite differentiates the two.

Different Material, Same Manufacturing Process

The backing material is what sets both products apart. On the one hand, certain asphalt shingles utilize fiberglass, which is a flexible composite material. On the other hand, cellulose from recycled paper is what makes up organic asphalt shingles. Despite this major difference, both of them are manufactured the same way.

During the process, fiberglass or cellulose sheets are saturated with hot asphalt, with one side coated with protective granules. These are made from crushed rock, though it can also be mixed with another material in granulated form. Copper granules, for instance, gives the shingles the ability to resist algae growth. Once cooled, the shingle mats will be cut to pieces for packaging and distribution.

The Pros and Cons of Both Asphalt Shingle Types

Fiberglass asphalt shingles are often lightweight and easy to install, which means delivery times and roof repair and replacement projects are shortened. They also provide better fire protection and cost slightly less than their counterparts. Even so, they are not as heavy and rugged because they contain less asphalt. Plus, they don’t perform as well in colder climates.

Meanwhile, organic asphalt shingles soak up more asphalt during manufacturing, giving them a longer life span with proper installation. This also makes them heavier, which can be a hindrance during installation. Even so, a home with an organic asphalt roof can stand up against damage brought about by strong winds. They perform much better climates, though they are prone to warping due to their ability to absorb more water.

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